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Ben Franklin meet Phil Knight

We often view challenge gifts as powerful tools that can leverage our support to raise more money for nonprofits and their important work. But are they? Benjamin Soskis, an historian of American philanthropy, takes on this assumption in an article in the June issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Do fundraising challenges — whether it […]



featuredimage Big Gifts Matter to Every Nonprofit

Big gifts matter to your favorite nonprofit. Research says they matter more than ever before. But "big" is also relative. Find out ...

Philanthropy Trends Discussion

See a discussion of philanthropy trends featuring Jim White, Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon; Mary Henry, Senior Manager, Major ...

featuredimage Where Is The Money?

Charitable giving in Oregon is about $1.5 billion – will one institution be able to better that by a third? ...


Match $500,000,000? Someone’s Going For It!»

Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny pledged $500 million to fund cancer research, but the catch is that Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) must raise $500 million of its own over the next two years. That’s a tall order for the university, but do-able. See more in Healthcare Inc. Northwest of the Portland […]


What does the Knight Challenge mean for local philanthropy?»

Friday, April 4 at the Multnohmah Athletic Club. There is a lot of energy in our community generated by the wonderful announcement by Phil and Penny Knight of a two-year $500 million challenge grant. But like philanthropists since the time of Rockefeller, there’s a catch: the recipient has to raise the challenge on deadline. The […]


What Makes A Difference in Fundraising Results?»

Following the trend from last year’s fundraising survey, individual giving and major gifts played significant roles in both increased and decreased fundraising results, with foundation grants coming in third. Factors for increased fundraising results: More individuals at all levels gave (61.5%) More major gifts (61%) Major gifts were bigger (56.5%) More members/more annual fund (47.8%) […]